Element14/Cadsoft – Raspberry Pi/Accessories & Eagle PCB

Time and Location (Several throughout the day)

  • 2:30-3:00-Presentation – Innovation Hall Conference Room 87-1100 (Just outside CSI)


Ed Robledo

Workshop Name

Cadsoft – Eagle PCB training (Webex-run seminar)

Presenter’s name and small bio

Name: Ed Robledo, General Manager of CadSoft in North America.

Presentation Abstract

EAGLE Training (30 min)

Power Point

  • Company History
  • Modules Offered (Schematic – Board – Autorouter)
  • Designlink

Live with EAGLE

  • EAGLE Control Panel
  • Design a simple Schematic (Filter)
  1. Schematic Frame and Document Box
  2. Place Components
  3. Define Connections
  4. Generate Board
  • Layout Board
  1. Move components on board
  2. Place components on bottom of board
  3. Change component package (SMD and Through Hole)
  4. Define Polygon Filled areas
  • Routing
  1. Manual Routing
  2. Autorouter
  3. Define Design Rules

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