Freescale – Freedom Board


Name of participants

Derrick Klotz,  Regional FAE

John McLellan, University Programs

Workshop Name

Freescale Freedom – Hands on with the latest Cortex-M0+, Arduino shield ready development platform.

Presenter’s name and small bio

Derrick is a Regional FAE based in Toronto, Canada and has more than 34 years of experience with electronic control systems. During his 24-year career at Motorola and Freescale, he has developed considerable practical experience using single-chip microcontrollers of all sizes.

Workshop Abstract

This workshop will prepare you with knowledge, hands-on usage and a Freedom board to apply to your next project.  A brief technical overview of Freescale’s Kinetis family of microcontrollers will be presented followed by hands-on lab sessions using CodeWarrior in conjunction with the Freedom Development Platform.

Software required (Software, version, license,…)

CodeWarrior Development Studio for Microcontrollers 10.3 Beta
Personal Computers and workshop should have software pre-installed

Hardware required (computer, monitors, connectors, adapters, memory cards …)

Attendees will need a PC with USB. (CW10.3 installed per Q#6)
USB PC to Mini (Freescale will bring some)

Number of boards that will be available for the workshop?

20 for morning session
20 for afternoon session

Number of Workshops to teach (max 2)


Any time constraints?Target is 90 mins

A “budget” of 120 mins would be preferred to allow for additional Q&A and completion of hands-on portions.

Prizes for students (workshop attendees, raffles, door prizes,….)

Each attendee will receive a Freedom  Board


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