Latest and greatest updates!

  • Agenda Finalized – check!
  • Raspberry Pi available to buy from Element 14 – check!
  • Rob Bishop keynote speaker flight tickets booked – check!
  • All ARM partners confirmed for workshops – check!
  • Laboratories up an ready – check!
  • Posters and Brochures – In progress!
  • mass e-mail to engineering and engineering technology students – Monday 26th!
  • Saturday open to the public keynote and workshops – scheduled and tickets available!


What is all the fuzz about the Raspberry Pi?

Come to the opening session to listen to Rob Bishop Tech Evangelist to learn all about Raspberry Pi and how can you contribute to this amazing open source platform!

Rob Bishop @ RIT

Rob Bishop the tech evangelist for the Raspberry Pi is coming down to RIT for the 3rd ARM developers day. Raspberry Pi has become accepted world wide as the next best thing to The Arduino, The raspberry pi has changed the way we learn computers around the world…So come experience this awe inspiring talk by Rob Bishop at RIT. Registrations open soon

The 3rd ARM developer day is finally here

Spend one full day of surprises at the 3rd ARM Developer day @ RIT. Last year the event was a blast for all participants and this year we are extending it to make it even more productive.

This year we are more focused on Open-source Hardware, With PSoC from Cypress and Raspberry Pi, the Arm Developers day is going to phenomenal again!

Many workshops include walk-in, learn and get out with your own development tools for immediately applying the concepts learned. Come and win door prizes at each workshop, participate in the raffles held at the demo tables, network with companies’ representatives, mingle with the ARM gurus!