Texas Instruments – Stellaris Launchpad

Name and email

Chris Yorkey, chris.Yorkey@ti.com

George Peterson, gpeterson@ti.com

Workshop Name

Hands on with Texas Instruments Stellaris with ARM M4

Presenter’s name and small bio

Chris Yorkey, Digital Field Application Engineer

Chris is an RIT alumni with over 20 years of MCU experience. Before joining TI, Chris work at Welch Allen Medical as a Design Engineer and Renesas as a MCU Field Application Engineer.

Workshop Abstract

This is a hands on class where you will learn how to use TI’s new Stellaris Lanchpad kit with the Code Composer Studio development tools. Each student will receive a kit with the class.

Software required (Software, version, license,…)

Code Composer Studio, v5.2 preferred.

Hardware required (computer, monitors, connectors, adapters, memory cards …)


Number of boards that will be available for the workshop?


Number of Workshops to teach (max 2)


Prizes for students (workshop attendees, raffles, door prizes,….)

26 shirts, 9 bags, and some pens.



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